Cornerstone Environments was founded by Jessica Chase after 15 years of working on major projects for high profile clients in the construction industry. Jessica’s meticulous eye for detail and desire for perfection defines Cornerstone Environments’ approach.

After years of working for other people Jessica decided to start her own venture fuelled by her love and enthusiasm for design. Jessica has a meticulous eye for detail and strives for perfection at all times.

Cornerstone Environments is underpinned by a team of broadly experienced installers. Each installer is a specialist in their craft. We offer a diverse range of products and recognise the necessity for these materials to be handled with the utmost care. Whilst some of our operatives are multi-skilled we ensure each installer is suited to the specific requirements of a project. At times this might mean sending a number of different installers to a project, but if that is what it takes – that is what we do.

Special care and attention is paid to the subfloors and surfaces we install on. This is a critical part of any flooring or tiling installation and will heavily influence the quality of the completed work. We never cut corners and adhere to the highest standards to maintain the integrity of our work.